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How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost?

“How much does a metal roof cost?” is the number one question we get asked and for good reason. Price often is the most important factor when making a home remodeling decision. That being said every roof, like every house, is completely different and there is no honest pricing system that can be used without getting eyes on the home.

There is only one way to get an accurate price on a roof, and that is by getting on it and putting the tape measure down. Hard measurements and inspection of damaged areas or difficult spots, is the only way to honestly price a project. Yes satellite imaging is available and quite accurate, but this should not be used as a firm price on your roof. At Husky Metal Roofs, we often use satellite imaging to give a ball park figure, but never give an actual estimate.

Another determining factor in the price of your metal roof is how labor intensive the project will be. Your house may be smaller but cost more than a larger house based on the amount of man hours that will need to complete the project. Skylights, dormers, hips, valleys, and chimneys can all add cost to the project. This is based on the man hours needed to properly flash and install the necessary roofing components.

The final determining factor in the price of a metal roof is the product you choose. Standing seam and metal shingles can all come in at a different cost. Again this is all different based on your specific project, but as in any industry, upgrading to a custom color or “special” product can add a cost.

As you can see there is no one size fits all as far as the cost of a metal roof.

The real question you should be asking is “what is the value of a metal roof?” This is quite easy to understand. Metal is a superior product to asphalt shingles and when installed properly should easily last 50+ years. In 50 years you may end up replacing asphalt shingles 3 or 4 times. Additionally, most metal roofing products are warrantied (non prorated) for 50 years, meaning that if it fails in year 49, the warranty will be honored in full. Also any reputable company will have a labor warranty. Here at Husky Metal Roofs, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. We can also transfer this to family members or if you sell the house. Our warranty is designed cover you for the rest of your life, and then some.

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