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Standing Seam vs AG Panel. What’s the difference?

Standing Seam vs AG Panel. What’s the difference?

When it comes to metal roofs there are many different styles you can choose from. Here at Husky Metal Roofs we offer two different styles of vertical metal panels for your home. The first being standing seam and the second being AG Panel, or commonly referred to as Pole Barn Steel. One of the most common questions we get is “What is the difference?” well lets take an a look.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam is the premier metal roof we offer at Husky. It is a system of interlocking panels, with no exposed fasteners, that is mechanically sealed to keep your home water tight. The panels are custom made in our panel trailer on the job site so there is little waste and the roof fits your home perfectly. It can be installed directly over shingles and customized to any home, no matter the structure of the roof. Standing Seam is the true “lifetime” roof and is the best value for your dollar. Below is a list of Standing Seam highlights.

  • Concealed Fastner System

  • Ideal for any structure

  • Can be laid existing shingles

  • Interlocking Panels for maximum weather protection

  • 26 Gauge Steel

  • 40 Year Paint and transferable lifetime workmanship warranty through Husky Metal Roofs

  • Minimal Roof Penetrations – Pipes are booted and chimneys are flashed

  • Roll formed on site for maximum customization

  • No expansion or contraction problems

  • Panels are seamlessly hooked into valleys and eves

  • Great Ventilation system

  • Roof is mechanically sealed

AG Panel (Pole Barn Steel)

AG Panel roofs are high quality roofs that work for many homes and most storage buildings. AG Panel is often referred to as pole barn steel because, you guessed it, this material is often used to side and roof pole barns. It comes pre fabricated, in a wider panel then standing seam and the panels overlap rather than interlock. It is fastened by screws directly through the metal. Although AG Panels make a high quality roof, it does have some limitations to the structures it can be applied to. If your home has a lot of valleys, hips, or transitions, you may want to consider standing seam. Below is a list of AG Panel highlights.

  • Panels are through fastened

  • 29 Gauge Steel

  • Ideal for gable roofs, garages, and outdoor buildings

  • Can be laid over existing shingles.

  • Panels lay over valley

  • Foam Sealed

  • Screws will need to be replaced

  • 20 Year warranty through Husky Metal Roofs

  • Rake trims are fastened over panels

  • Panels are prefabricated off site

The bottom line is if your interested in a vertical panel metal roof, standing seam and AG Panel are both great options. It is really a matter of customer preference and the type of structure you are re roofing. If you are considering a metal roof call Husky Metal Roofs at (989) 539-0500! Our experienced estimators can advise you on the best vertical panel system for you!



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